What is Christianity? An explanation of Christianity, from a Christian’s point of view.


We hear a lot about this ‘religion’. What is it exactly? I’ll try to explain what it is precise, from a Christian’s point of view.

Christianity is the way of life that results when a person has Jesus Christ living in him/her and living through him/her.

To a Christian, Christianity isn’t a religion, but rather the one way of life which the one true living God would have people live. We believe that the one true God who created all things – all visible and invisible, all living, and non-living – at some point about two thousand years ago, sent His one and only son down to earth as a human being, to die on behalf of all humanity, to create a way for humanity to reconnect with the one true God, who IS a Spirit.

Why would God do this?

Push rewind – let’s go back to the start. God made the earth, then created the first man and woman (Adam and Eve), and gave them their instructions.

However, they got deceived and sinned against God. This sin was a really big event! According to the Bible, every single human being alive now is a descendant of Adam and Eve. This breach in the relationship. This divide created prevented man from having a beautiful relationship of fellowship with Adam and Eve, and kJe


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